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Wellness Articles:

NOTE: This page includes the latest articles posted by authors from around the world

Life or the Living Experience Cannot Be Captured by Thought
There is a direct and total sense that clarifies all of life's mysteries and resolves all of life's problems Some people must have touched this sense But in trying to capture it in thoughts, words or philosophies, they have lost 'it'

Raw Food Diet Plan A Proven Weight Loss Approach
Have you heard of the raw food diet plan? It is the newest advancement in the world of weight loss which removes the excess heft in our bodies without removing our zest to eat It sounds like a contradiction, right? But it is all true

Spa Pamper Parties In Brighton
A spa pamper party is an amazing, most relaxing and enjoyable activity to do when you are stressed with your normal day to day activities

Chemical Air Purifiers Who Needs Them
There are lots of airborne chemicals in our indoor air these days You may be asking yourself who on earth would need an air purifier for chemicals But take a look below, and if you fall into one of the situations the answer is you!

Runner Types Which Are You
Contrary to popular belief, no two people run the same In fact, it is claimed that every individual has a different style and a different way of running

Making a Plan for Your Health May Include Utah Lasik Surgery
Though many people don't realize it, eye care is a big part of your overall health plan For some who are tired of the cost and hassle of glasses or contacts, Lasik surgery is usually the best option to save money over the course of many years

Change Is Purely Physiological
Only when people questioned me as to what I searched for did it ever occur to me that I had no search of any kind going on within me, the very idea 'to search' seemed alien, strange Why search?

Caring For Yourself Is Paramount To Caring About Others
The problem in the human species occurs whenever we consider ourselves to the exclusion of or over and above another In doing so we harm our self and the other, for whether we want it or not our own wellbeing rests equally upon the wellbeing of the other

Asthma Diet Is It A Hoax Or Not
Did you know that asthma diet can eliminate the risk of having asthma attacks? If you are asthmatic, you must be wondering if it is even possible

Avoiding Training Injuries
This article highlights some of the steps you can take to avoid developing short and long term injuries