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Lydia's Chair Massage San Antonio, Texas

Chair Massage FAQs

Q. How far in advance do I need to make an appointment for onsite Chair Massage?
A. Advance notice is best in order to get the days and times best suited for your event. Call us at 210-363-9856 as soon as you know when you'll need us.

Q. What do you bring when you do onsite chair massage?
A. Massage Chair(s), massage creme, hand sanatizer, face cradle covers, and a smiling Licensed Massage Therapist(s)

Q. How long is a Chair Massage?
A. Chair massage may be as short as 5 minutes and up to 20 minutes depending on your needs.

Q. Is chair massage as effective as other types of massage?
A. Yes, chair massage has a long history of relieving stress, reducing pain, and leaving the client feeling refreshed.

Q. Do I have to undress to receive Chair Massage?
A. No, you will remain fully clothed; however, removal of jackets or sweaters is encouraged for best results.

Q. Can I receive Chair Massage if I'm pregnant?
A. Yes, unless you feel uncomfortable in the massage chair or your physician has objections.